At Digitalisma we build solid and great looking native apps


It's not the idea that determines the succes of the app, it's the execution behind it that matters.

Are you a startup or an established company with a plan to build a sustainable business model for the smartphone or tablet, but you don't have a team to do it? You just came to the right website. Our design and development studio based in the Netherlands is a HUB of inspiration for both us and our clients. We love to drink coffee and discuss the plans of executing your idea. Compare us with a film studio: we provide the technique and actors, while you provide us the script. Let's make a box office success together! Check out our website to see the things we have build for our awesome clients.

Bricks & Goggles
Visualizing yet to build projects by using state of the art virtual reality techniques such as Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard.
iOS and Android application to submit expense claims and automatically calculate travel distance and travel expenses.
Platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and web application) to increase and manage safety within your organization.