At Digitalisma we build solid and great looking native apps


It's not the idea that determines the succes of the app, it's the execution behind it that matters.

Are you a startup or an established company with a plan to build a sustainable business model for the smartphone or tablet, but you don't have a team to do it? You just came to the right website. Our design and development studio based in the Netherlands is a HUB of inspiration for both us and our clients. We love to drink coffee and discuss the plans of executing your idea. Compare us with a film studio: we provide the technique and actors, while you provide us the script. Let's make a box office success together! Check out our website to see the things we have build for our awesome clients.

Bricks & Goggles
Visualizing yet to build projects by using state of the art virtual reality techniques such as Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard.
iOS and Android application to submit expense claims and automatically calculate travel distance and travel expenses.
Platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and web application) to increase and manage safety within your organization.
De Toetspraktijk
Redesign and reengineering of an iPad solution to assess personal budgets of dependent patients.
Side project that got downloaded more then 800.000 times. iOS and Android app to find nearby Pokemon for Pokemon Go.
My job is to bring your app idea to the next level. I’ll be the captain of your squad and listening ear for new ideas. I’m always looking for new business opportunities to validate and develop. Don’t hesitate to contact us.
Ingmar Vroege
I'm an entrepreneur, mobile developer, gadget enthusiast and I love to read. I'm primarily focused on the technical side, and am always on the lookout for people that can strengthen our (already awesome) team.
Gertjan Leemans
Business developer
The infinite amount of possibilities to solve problems with Apps is something that inspires me. I'm always open for a talk about app ideas and give advice, if necessary, about new business models.
Cliff Hogendoorn
Project manager
It’s my responsibility to make sure you get what you want. I translate your wishes to our developers and vice versa. I’m the Quality Assurance of our software and keep an eye on time schedules and finance.
Walter van der Stelt
VR designer
Visualizing ideas in 3D and Virtual Reality is what I do best. My experience as an interior and stage designer helped me with developing a fine attention to detail. Next to that I own the Spotify playlists.
Dimitri den Elzen
UI/UX Designer
As a UI/UX designer, I understand the perfect user interface should look great and work well. There’s no style over substance here. I bring together form and function to create the best experience.
Erik van Eekelen
Backend developer
When someone asks me what I do, the answer is clear: solving problems. Building complicated systems to simplify daily activities. Besides that music was my first love, just like John Miles said 40 years ago.
Martijn de Fijter
Android developer
I’m the youngest mind in our team, yet I’ve been developing Android apps since 2011. I eat and breathe Android and I love the challenge of a new app just as much as I love to smash volleyballs to the ground.
Sébastiaan Versteeg
Android Developer
I’m a tall basketball player who also happens to love Android programming. I find myself eager to learn new things and expand my skillset. Experimenting with new programming languages is a daily activity of mine.
Jannick van Ballegooijen
iOS Developer
I have always been fascinated by the immense power of apps and how they're able to change so many things. It makes me proud that I get the chance to be part of it. As a mobile developer, I’m here to turn your app idea into reality.
Maarten Zonneveld
VR developer
I’d call myself Unity3D enthusiast. Diving deep inside the code and render pipeline not just as a job but also a hobby. I know the latest facts about PC hardware, virtual reality and gadgets. (One word: Nerd.)
Wouter Janssen
VR developer
Just like the rest of our team I’ve always been fascinated by solving problems. As a youngster I’ve developed a great love for reading, philosophy and gaming, being a Virtual Reality developer gives me just that.
Hylke de Jong
iOS developer
From a young age I was fascinated by (board)games, I learned to think in solutions instead of problems. This skill really shines in developing apps, furthermore it helps me to stay up-to-date and crack the code.
Zehna van den Berg
VR Developer
I’ve always been a computer nerd, gaming and developing simple games is something i’ve been doing from a young age. With VR I have something new to investigate, next to that I like play hockey and fix old electronics.
Niek de Wit